Recent Closings:

LTV = Loan to Value ; CTC = Cleared to Close

August 2018 Highlights

  • $832,500 investment purchase in Seacrest, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on rental cash flows

  • $2,125,000 2nd Home Purchase in Alys Beach, FL; 10% down ; 90% LTV; Diamond Jumbo Program

  • $1,615,000 condo purchase in Rosemary Beach, FL; Cleared to close in 8 business days; No tax returns; Approved with investor cash flow program

July 2018 Highlights

  • $678,500 Refinance in Rosemary Beach, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on rental cash flows; Closed in 22 business days

  • $1,000,000 Cash Out Refinance in Cape San Blas, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on VRBO Income; Vested in LLC

  • $1,150,000 Purchase in Miramar Beach, FL; 75% LTV; No tax returns; Approved with investor cash flow program

June 2018 Highlights

  • $681,000 Jumbo Renovation Refinance in Seagrove, FL. Approved with no tax returns, interest only payments for 5 years.

  • $425,000 Purchase in Seacrest, FL. Approved with 24 months of Banks Statements on our Lease to Purchase Program.

  • $424,900 Purchase in Tampa, FL. Conventional conforming 30 year fixed with full documentation.

  • $1,900,000 purchase in Watersound, FL. 75% LTV on a condo second home.

May 2018 Highlights

  • $740,000 Cash Out Refi with Investor Cash Flow Program in Inlet Beach, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on appraised value and projected rental income

  • $2,500,000 Purchase in Destin, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on appraised value and projected rental income

  • $1.1 million Refinance in Inlet Beach, FL; 10 year interest only payment; 4.35% interest, 5.293% APR

  • $585,000 cash out refinance in Seaside, FL; No Tax Returns; Approved on 12 months of personal bank statements

  • $620,500 Refinance in Gulf Breeze, FL; 90% LTV; Consolidation of high interest credit card debt

April 2018 Highlights

  • $800k purchase in Grayton Beach, FL; Self Employed; Bank Statement Program; 80% LTV

  • $850k purchase in Watercolor, FL; 95% LTV Jumbo Loan

  • $2.8mil purchase in Watersound, FL; 90% LTV; Lease Purchase Program

  • $453k purchase in Seagrove, FL ; CTC in 18 days

March 2018 Highlights

  • $830k Purchase Loan; Self Employed; Bank Statement Program; 80% LTV

  • $1.15mil Purchase Loan in Watercolor, FL; investment property, self employed; Application to funding in 16 days

  • $590k condo in Destin, FL; 90% LTV

  • $450k purchase loan in Santa Rosa Beach, FL; 95% LTV; CTC in 10 days

Past Highlights

  • $1mil refinance - Business Bank Statement Program - No Tax Retuns

  • $2.4mil Delayed Financing - Purchase in Watercolor within 6 months of cash close

  • $1.14mil 2nd home purchase with only a 10% cash outlay - HELOC on primary residence was utilized for remainder

  • $2mil second home purchase in Seagrove - 75% LTV

  • $3mil purchase in Rosemary Beach - Bank Statement Program, no tax returns - Application to CTC in 16 days

  • $1.6mil refinance in Watersound - Self Employed with multiple tax returns and multiple properties

  • $1.075mil Second home CONDO purchase in Seagrove - Closed in 26 days

  • $2.4mil Second home purchase in Rosemary Beach - Financed raw land owned by the borrower and used proceeds for down payment on purchase

  • $470k Investment property purchase in Seacrest - Previously denied by two banks

  • $775k Purchase in Seacrest - Closed in 32 days

  • $340k Second Home Townhouse purchase in Inlet Beach

  • $1mil purchase in Blue Mountain Beach - Multiple Financed Properties - Self Employed with multiple entities - CTC in less than 22 Calendar Days - Utilized our "lock shop and drop feature", interest rate was lowered by .25% during underwriting

  • $495k purchase in Cypress Breeze - Closed in 33 days

  • $424,100 Cash out refinance on 2nd home in Watersound, using proceeds for deposit on new construction in Alys Beach - Closed in 20 days

  • $585k Purchase in Rosemary Beach - 90% LTV on Second home condo purchase

  • $565k purchase in Blue Mountain - 90% LTV - Non-occupant Co-borrower - 2nd Home

  • Record Setting $4.45mil purchase in Inlet Beach$192k Condo Purchase in Maravilla

  • $760K Purchase in Seacrest Closed in 13 Business Days

  • $1.6mil purchase in Rosemary Beach

  • $424k Refi in Seacrest

  • $500k Investment property in Miramar Beach

  • $398k Condo Purchase in Blue Mountain Beach

  • $235k Townhouse purchase as second home in Seagrove

  • $294k Refi - Non-Occupant Co-Borrower used to get actual occupant lowest rate as primary residence

  • $188k Town home purchase on 30A

  • $218k Purchase in Sandestin

  • $1M Purchase in Destin - Raised credit score by approx. 60pts - 58% DTI exception

  • $580k Primary purchase in Buckhead, Atlanta

  • $700k Investment Purchase - Inlet Beach - No tax returns

  • $538k Investment Purchase in Blue Mountain - Closed in 27 Calendar Days

  • $417K Refi - Using our FICO credit "Rapid Rescore"

  • $860K purchase in Crystal Beach Townhomes, Destin

  • $715K purchase in Waterhouse Condos, Seacrest - Using Asset Depletion

  • $3.25M purchase in Watersound Beach

  • $1.295M purchase in Sunnyside

  • $2.9M purchase in Rosemary Beach

  • $836K purchase in Naturewalk

  • $700k purchase in Seacrest Beach cleared to close in 20 days

  • $2.1M purchase in Watercolor - Self Employed w/ 5 LLC's

  • $460k purchase in Seagrove

  • $487K purchase in Watersound Origins

  • $417K cash our refinance in Wild Heron/Shark's Tooth

  • $1.6M second home purchase in Rosemary Beach financed in under 30 days

  • $1M purchase in Seanest Village in Seagrove

  • Primary residence re-finance 2 years after a short sale

  • $225k primary home purchase in North Santa Rosa Beach

  • $425k primary home purchase in Inlet Beach Investor cash flow for retirement age buyers

  • $475k second home purchase in Seacrest Beach

  • $485k new construction primary home in Watersound Origins

  • 175k town home purchase in Santa Rosa Beach FHA loan credit score under 620

  • $355k purchase on future income closed in 20 days

  • $2.9M second home purchase in Rosemary Beach

  • $620k 2nd home purchase in Grayton Beach 15 year loan

  • $355k Primary home purchase with future income